RC6 Render Standby BIOS – what is that

Render Standby – function of activation and deactivation the energy-saving mechanism integrated into the Intel graphics core processors when the computer enters sleep mode. For maximum energy efficiency this option must be enabled. When this function is disabled only a discrete graphics card will work on sleep mode.

RC6 Render Standby BIOS

Intel RC6 – Intel C-State 6 Graphics

Render C-State (RC6) is a method designed to optimize the average power of the graphics engine while the rendering engine is work idle. RC6 is connected when the graphics rendering engine, the blitter engine and the video engine do not have an active load, and when graphic memory transactions are not performed.

If the rendering engine is inactive, then graphics VR lows the graphics voltage bus (VAXG) to a lower voltage state (0.3 V) and rendering frequency synchronization is disabled.


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