List of Top 10 Russian websites

Top 10 Russian websites | List of most popular sites in Russia

06 06 2022

Top ten websites in Russia | List of most popular Russian sites This table contains the top 10 most popular websites in Russia. The list includes the best search engines, large local media portals, the most visited social networks of the Russian-language Internet.


Error WC-34737-4 on PS4 – how to fix

06 06 2022

Some users, trying to buy something on PlayStation Store or during adding a new payment method, are faced with the message: “Card information is not valid: error WC-34737-4” on PS4.


Error E-8210604a PS4 – how to fix

06 06 2022

When trying to pay for a PS Plus subscription or a game in the PlayStation Store, some users are faced with the message: “An error has occurred (E-8210604A) ” on PS4.

GetApps notifications

How to Disable GetApps notifications

06 06 2022

Xiaomi’s phones Redmi and Poco, have a lot of pre-installed applications. One of them is GetApps. This is an app store from a Chinese developer. It’s a good analogue of Google Play Market. Users with a large number of apps on their mobile device regularly receive notifications, alerts, and promotional apps from GetApps that appear […]

How to change language in GetApps

How to change language in MI GetApps

01 06 2022

Some users are having difficulty choosing a language on the popular MI GetApps app store. It may differ from the mobile device selected in the system. In this article, we will look at how to change the language in GetApps.

Update all apps in GetApps

How to update apps on GetApps

30 05 2022

GetApps is Xiaomi’s app store for Android. It’s a good alternative to Google Market if you can’t or don’t want the last. Installing and updating applications is very simple and convenient. But some users are having difficulty. In this article, we will look at how to update apps in GetApps.

Delete Google Duo app on Android phone

How to delete Google Duo app on phone

27 05 2022

Many users are interested how to remove the Google Duo app on their phone. And indeed, there are often a huge number of applications that are not used installed on our devices. One of them is Google Duo.

Start, Stop, Restart Apache Server

How to Start, Stop, Restart Apache Server

26 05 2022

Starting, stopping and restarting Apache servers are the most common tasks faced by developers and system administrators. The commands for managing the Apache service vary for different Linux distributions. Most modern Linux distributions use the SystemD system and service manager. Older distributions are based on SysVinit and use init scripts to manage services. Another important […]