How to know if card is Visa or Mastercard

Visa and Mastercard undisputed leaders among international payment systems. Cards of these payment systems most used in the world. Although there are no fundamental differences between them (with the exception of the principle of currency conversion), many people are interested in how to find out which card they have – Visa or Mastercard.

How to identify is card Visa or Mastercard

The cards can be distinguished visually. Each of the products has a logo. There are also differences in design style.

But the most reliable way to know if card is Visa or Mastercard by card number.

  • Visa cards start with the number 4.
    How to identify Visa card
  • Mastercard cards start with 5.
    How to identify Mastercard card

It does not matter in which country the card was issued, the numbers will always be the same.

The card number can tell the owner a lot. Standard cards consist of 16 digits. The first 6 digits are BIN (Bank Identification Number). Each of them has its own meaning.

What Does Your Credit Card Number Mean:

  • 1 digit – payment system serving the card;
  • Numbers 2-4 – identification number of the bank that issued the card;
  • Numbers 5, 6 – additional information containing the type of card – debit or credit, as well as the status of the card – classic or premium;
  • Digits from 7 to 15 – unique card number;
  • 16 digit – control number, calculated by Luhn algorithm.

Identify card type online

On the Internet, you can find many online services that allow you to quickly get information about the card: payment system, type, country, bank that issued it. For example:

Simply enter the first 6 digits and the service will give you complete information. This is a very fast and reliable way to know if the card is Visa or Mastercard.

How to know if card is Visa or Mastercard online


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