Frost Security: You have been disconnected by the protection system! – Fix

Some players faces with disconnect from the game which accompanied by the message: “ Frost Security: You have been disconnected by the protection system!“. Disconnection can occur in a few seconds or a few minutes after starting the game.

Frost Security - You have been disconnected by the protection system

What is Frost Security

Frost Security is a security system widely used by Innova in its products: AION, Lineage, PointBlank and others. It reliably protects the server from the use of cheats, hacks and bots.

What to do if the Frost Security protection system disconnected you from the server

In case you have regular disconnects from the game and the appearing message “Frost Security: You have been disconnected by the protection system!”, then you should follow these recommendations:

  1. Completely turn off the computer, and then turn it on. Perhaps your PC was not have restarted for a long time. During a long device work without restarts, system errors and failures may occur. This could lead to disconnections;
  2. Disable all third party software running on your computer. In particular, it is worth paying attention to what the protection system can regard as dishonest software, which giving an advantage to the player and violate the rules of the game. It can be hacking programs like ArtMoney. Or macros programs for keyboards and mice. It is also worth to disable a software that uses the overlay, for example, programs for recording video from the screen.
    Open Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) and view running processes. End suspicious processes;
  3. Check your PC for viruses. The impact of viruses on system can be regarded by Frost Security as prohibited software, which leads to the appearance of the message: “Frost Security: You have been disconnected by the protection system!”.
    To check the system, you can use any modern antivirus. For example, Dr. Web or Malwarebytes
  4. Add the folder with the game to the exceptions of the built-in Windows firewall;
  5. Remove the game client and reinstall it. Sometimes happens that during regular client updates, some files were downloaded or updated with an error. Finding the problematic file (or files) is quite difficult. You can delete folders of the game one by one and update through the updater after every deleting. But the easiest way is to delete the whole game. And updater too. Download updater from the official site and reinstall the game;
  6. If none of the above gave a result, then you should go to the official forum of the game and ask for help from support.

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