Error code 02001 BBC iPlayer: Fix

Some BBC iPlayer users are receive the message “Something went wrong loading this programme. Error code: 02001” when trying to play content using a media player.

Error 02001 BBC iPlayer - how to Fix

The problem can be seen in BBC iPlayer and the BBC News, BBC Sport apps.

In this article, we will look at possible causes of error 02001 in BBC iPlayer, as well as ways to fix it.

Causes of error 02001 in BBC iPlayer

Main reasons why you might get an error 02001 in BBC iPlayer on your device are:

  1. Using a VPN. According to the UK TV license, content can only be downloaded and broadcast in the UK. If the IP addresses belong to another country, then error 02001 may occur;
  2. Failure of the application. In case the BBC iPlayer software is corrupted, this can also cause the error to appear;
  3. Incompatibility between device firmware and BBC iPlayer app. Not every device is supported by the BBC iPlayer app. Most often, users of Samsung, Roku, Humax devices meets an error 02001 in BBC iPlayer. Less often – LG and other manufacturers.

How to fix Error 02001 on BBC iPlayer

Each of the causes of the error requires an individual approach to its solution. Let’s look at recommendations that help fix BBC iPlayer error code 02001.

Reset Internet Connection

First of all, you should reset your Internet connection.

  • If the connection is through a router, it is enough to turn it off for a few minutes. And then – turn it on again;
  • If the connection is wired, then pull out the wire and plug it in after a few minutes.

Reset Internet Connection


If you are physically located in the UK and use a VPN to access the network, then you should turn it off for a while, or – choose another VPN to make sure that the problem is not with the IP address.

You can check your IP using the online service. Make sure the location is correct. If your IP address is outside the UK, then you will need a VPN with UK IP addresses to access BBC iPlayer.


In case of systematic problems with the issued dynamic IP address, you should contact your provider.

BBC iPlayer software update

Go to your device’s app store and make sure you have the latest version of BBC iPlayer installed. If not, then update.

You can also completely remove the app and reinstall it.

BBC iPlayer software

Updating device firmware

In most cases, it is the incompatibility of the BBC iPlayer software and the firmware of the device on which multimedia content is played, causes of error 02001. A complete list of supported devices can be found on BBC website.

Usually, devices with outdated firmware are notified to update. Notification appears when the device is turned on. But this does not always happen. In some cases, you need to go to the menu and open device settings. Update can be done in “About Device” or “Support” section.

However, the system does not always correctly determine the current firmware version. In this case, you should install the latest software yourself. You can view and download the required version on the manufacturer’s website.

Consider the example of Samsung. It is on the products of this manufacturer that error 02001 most often appears.

  1. Go to:;
  2. Enter the model of your device in the search;
  3. Go to the “Manuals & Downloads” section;
    Manuals & Downloads
  4. Download the upgrade file to a removable USB drive;
    Download upgrade file
  5. Install the update on your device.

It’s also worth contacting your device manufacturer’s support to ask about app compatibility.

These steps should fix Error 02001 in BBC iPlayer when playing video content.


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