How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication in Discord

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a simple, convenient, and reliable way to provide enhanced security for your Discord account. Activating this feature greatly reduces the risk of account hacking.

In this article, we will look at how to Enable Two-factor Authentication in Discord.

How to Activate 2FA Discord

To enable 2 FA in Discord, you need to:

  1. Open Discord program or the browser version. There is no difference, since the interface is the same;
  2. Go to the User settings by clicking on the gear icon in the lower left corner;
    Discord User Settings
  3. Click “Enable Two-Factor Auth” in the “Password and Authentication” section;
    Enable Two-factor Auth Discord
  4. Enter the password for your account and click “Continue”;
    Enable 2FA Discord
  5. You will be suggested to install one of the authentication apps on your mobile device (phone or tablet): Authy or Google Authenticator. Apps are available for iOS and Android;
    Enabling Two-Factor authentication Discord
  6. Launch the application and scan the QR-code showed on Discord;
  7. The application will automatically generate a 6-digit code;
  8. You should enter this code in to a field in Discord;
    Activate 2FA Discord
  9. The message “2FA is activated!” will notify you that everything went well.
    Set SMS authentication and backup codes Discord

As you can see, enabling Two-factor Authentication in Discord is quite simple. But in order not to lose access to your account in case of any mistake, it is important to enable SMS Authentication, as well as download Backup Codes and save them in a safe place. It is not necessary to do this right now, you can do it later in the account settings.

How to enable Two-Factor Authentication for Server in Discord

Server owners can further secure of their servers by enabling Two-Factor Authentication for moderation. This will avoid unpleasant situations, if the account of one of the participants with administrator rights falls into the hands of hacker.

How to enable 2FA for server moderation:

  1. Right click on the server;
  2. Select “Server settings” in menu;
  3. Go to the “Moderation”;
    Server settings - Moderation Discord
  4. Click “Enable 2FA Requirement” at the bottom.
    Enable 2FA Requirement Discord

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