How to create table in Discord – easy steps

Tables are convenient and informative way to show content. But, unfortunately, Discord does not have a built-in function for creating tables. The only possible method is to combine the functions of Discord and services for creating tables.

In this article, we will look at detailed instructions how to create a table in Discord.

How to easily make a table in Discord

In order to create a table in Discord you need to:

  1. Open an online service for generating tables:
  2. Using the editor, you need to set the size of the table, the alignment of the text inside the cells, and merge or split cells if needed;
  3. Fill in the table with content. This can be done manually, imported from a CSV file, or simply pasted using the Ctrl+V keys. You can copy and insert a table from any text editor: Word, Excel or any other;
  4. Press the “Generate” button;
  5. Then – “Copy to clipboard”;
    Online service for creating tables
  6. Now you need to insert the table into Discord. If it just insert, then the entire structure of the table will be skewed. You need to wrap the construction in a code tag. Use backtick ` for this. Visually it looks like this:
    Creating tables in Discord
  7. The result will be like this:
    Create a table in Discord
  8. You can also activate the checkbox “Use Unicode symbols for table borders”;
    Use Unicode symbols for creating tables
  9. The table will look like this:
    Make a table in Discord

It is worth noting that Markdown markup can be used in tables. But some types of markup can lead to incorrect display of the table. In this case, they should be refused.

You can also install and use the package to create tables:

Of course the tables created in this way, although informative, visually do not look the best. Therefore, many users, in the old fashioned way, create tables in different text-editors, take a screenshot and upload the finished result to Discord.


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