Clear eMMC Android – what is that

In the settings of your Android phone, you can find the Clear eMMC option, which is located in Factory mode.

What is Clear eMMC in Android

What is Clear eMMC in Android?

Clear eMMC is a function responsible for resetting the device to factory settings. Its activation leads to the complete removal of all data on the mobile device. In fact, this is an analogue of the function Hard reset.

eMMC (Embedded MultiMediaCard) is a type of solid-state drive that is commonly used in smartphones and tablets.

Attention! Be very careful, because by activating Clear eMMC you will not be able to return your data after deletion.

What is Factory mode in Android

Factory mode is a utility embedded into the firmware that is used to test and configure a mobile device. It is worth noting that Factory mode is not in every Android phone or tablet, some of the manufacturers have abandoned this mod, replacing it with specialized proprietary utilities.


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