How to check Unity version

Some users ask how to check version of the Unity – cross-platform game engine. Also they interested in which version Unity project was created. This information is necessary for its correct launch. In case of version mismatch, the project may be imported into the editor with errors.

How to check Unity version

For quick check the version of the Unity, you need to:

  1. Open the “Help” tab in the top navigation menu of program;
  2. Select “About Unity” item.
    Check Unity version
  3. The page that opens will display the current version of Unity.
    Unity version
    You can also click “Check for Updates”, on that page will display the currently installed version of Unity. And information about whether it is possible to update the engine to a new version.

How to find out Unity Project version

To find out in which version the Unity project was created, you need to:

  1. Go to the ProjectSettings folder;
  2. Open file ProjectSettings.asset or ProjectVersion.txt with any text editor;
    ProjectSettings.asset and ProjectVersion.txt - Unity Files
  3. The version of Unity is specified on the first line.
    Find out Unity Project version

This method is relevant for app and game projects created with Unity 2017 or later versions.

Important! When opening a project in a new version of the editor, and it was created in the old version, the project may be changed and damaged. Therefore, before doing this operation, you should create a backup copy of the package.


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